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Jumat, 27 Mei 2016

2nd Workshop on Teaching Excellence: “Being Reflective, Motivating, and ICT Lite

English teachers in Indonesia deal with complexity of teaching the language in their professional life. Aside from their main responsibility to manage students’ learning, they certainly have to “sharpen their saw” or keep improving their teaching performance. These demand a comprehensive theoretical foundation and practical applications of the interconnected aspects elaborated into their professional endeavor. In this workshop reflective teaching, motivational strategies, and ICT applications for language learning highlight the journey of being EFL teachers as an ongoing and relentless process of building expertise.

The English Education Department of Duta Wacana Christian University will hold an event facilitating English teacher development program in three essential areas: being reflective teachers; applying strategies to motivate and engage learners; and promoting familiarity of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for language learning. Derived from the needs of continuous professional development and improvement of teaching quality, a two day workshop elaborating both theoretical overview by experts in these areas and practical training by teachers will be the main agenda.

Reflective teaching paradigm is proposed for these teachers to continuously apply self instructional-professional-management program through effective instruments assisting them to identify and embrace the inner drive of being teachers. Adapting the procedure of conducting classroom action research is one of the examples.  Motivation strategy training is required for these teachers to nurture students’ inner motivation through fun yet effective teaching techniques that facilitate their active involvement not only during classroom activities, but also on their personal orientation and exploration of learning English. Dealing with the last topic, 21st century teachers are supposedly to keep up with the development and demand of ICT use for language teaching to make the learning process effective. Various, even abundant, sources of learning require teacher’s ability to select, make use, and adjust with their teaching needs.

Details of this workshop will be as follows:

  1. Day/Date
    Tuesday-Wednesday/2-3 August 2016
  2. Venue
    Ruang Seminar Pdt. Harun Hadiwijono
    Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana
    Jl. dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo 5-25 Yogyakarta 55224
  3. Target Participants
    This workshop is targeted for fifty participants only.  
  4. Keynote speakers:
      Keynote speaker: Paulus Kuswandono, Ph.D. (Universitas Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta)
      Keynote speaker: Prof . Hj. Suwarsih Madya, Ph.D. (Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta)
      Keynote speaker: Gumawang Jati Ph.D. (Institut Teknologi Bandung)   

We invite you to be part of this event as participants and workshop trainers. As a trainer, send a short proposal 400-700 words to pbi@staff.ukdw.ac.id by 28 June 2016 covering overview of Rationale, Objective (specific and measurable), Target participant and/or skills, Workshop procedures / plan, Equipments/Material/Instruments.

Each 60 minutes of the workshop will demonstrate the best practice of the subtopics by:

  • Exploring innovative classroom/labwork practice generated from established theories on language teaching in EFL context
  • Focusing on practical classroom/labwork activities which exemplify best teaching practice in the key areas

Form can be download in Download Center.